Be part of Newcastle Food Month in April 2024!

Are you a venue in Newcastle or an event organiser with a special food offering for April 2024?

Newcastle Food Month is all about raising the profile of the food hub that is Newcastle. With exposure to over 1 million food lovers throughout Newcastle, the Hunter, Sydney & other adjacent regions, this is your chance to showcase your venue’s incredible offering.

We’re currently taking registrations from Newcastle-based cafes, restaurants, hotels, and any event organisers to be a part of Newcastle Food Month, April 2024!

Want to be part of this magnificent month-long event?

Make sure you download the Participants Information Pack and register for an event below.

2024 Event Registration Kit

Why take part in Newcastle Food Month?

Our overall aim is to promote Newcastle’s ever growing hospitality scene, with a focus firmly on Newcastle and Food!

We want Novocastrians to eat out more often and in venues they may not have visited, and we want more visitors coming to Newcastle, staying overnight and eating at your venues.

  • Visibility – Your offering will be promoted in both the NFM event brochure and website, reaching a wide audience.
  • Social Media Spotlight – Benefit from exposure on NFM’s social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns, expanding your reach and engagement.
  • Media Opportunities – your most exciting, compelling and creative submissions will be offered to a wide range of media, for them to feature in their promotion of NFM. Early registrations will be used for ‘long lead time’ media to use at their discretion, so another reason to book early, even if finer details are not yet available.
Best Places to Eat in Newcastle | Newcastle Food Month

How to get involved...

There are two ways;

  1. Plate Date – offer a meal & a beverage eg; wine, beer, coffee for a special price of $30 for the month of April*
    *Can be breakfast, lunch or dinner and day of the week and time specified.  MUST show value for money eg; a one off special for the month.
  2. Feature Event – A chance to do something special at your restaurant, café or venue. Showcase the talents of your Chef, or team with another collaborating chef, winemaker, brewer or producer for a themed lunch or dinner event.


Plate Date Meal: 

  • $150 + GST for City & Darby St venues* | $300 + GST other areas (or agreed pricing)

Small Feature Event under 100: 

  • $300 + GST for City & Darby St venues* | $600 + GST other areas (or agreed pricing)

Large Feature Event over 100 or multi-day event:

  • $500 + GST for City & Darby St venues * | $1,000 + GST other areas (or agreed pricing)

*Please note: NFM is partly funded by the City of Newcastle – Special Business Rate Program (SBR) for the City & Darby Street, with a discount applying to venues or events in this precinct.

How the Registration Process Works

Registering as an Event or Plate Date Participant is easy. Simply:

  1. Create your Newcastle Food Month profile by clicking the button below.
  2. Start filling out your Event or Plate Date registration form. Don’t have all the details right now? That’s OK! By creating a profile, you can start the registration process without having all the details of your event. Simply save your progress to your account and come back to it when you’re ready.
  3. Submit your registration form, with all the details completed by Tuesday, 16th January.
  4. Finalise your payment by clicking on the button below by 16th January and *Chef’s Kiss* – you’re ready to go.
Create Your NFM Profile
Pay Your NFM Registration

From here, the Newcastle Food Month team will keep you in the loop with important event information, reminders about submission due dates, and the latest in media opportunities and advertising.

Together, we'll bring mouth-watering magic to Newcastle once again!