Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Newcastle Food Month?

Newcastle Food Month is a month-long food festival with over 30 individual events in April 2021. Plus a dish special at over 60 Newcastle restaurants called Plate Date for the entire month. An amazing variety of venues across the city are serving a specially designed meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and pairing it with a beverage, alcoholic or non, for just $25. To check if your favourite haunt is on the Plate Date menu, click here. Or browse the event bill, here.

2. Can I book Plate Dates through the NFM website?

No, but it’s a piece of cake. Most Plate Date cafes don’t require a booking so just walk on in and ask for the PD special. However some restaurants will need an advanced booking. Individual venue requirements can be found here.

3. Can I get my hands on a printed event brochure?

Yes, of course. You’ll find tangible brochures in most participating eateries around Newcastle, from the 1st of March. Plus at;

  • The Newcastle Visitors Information Centre
  • The City of Newcastle (Council building)

Want to go paperless? We will have a downloadable brochure on the site from 1st of March.

4. What happens if an event sells out?

It’s first in best dressed, so don’t dilly dally booking tickets. We’ll be disappointed for you, if you miss out.

All venues need to follow COVID Safety guidelines which may mean some venues running at a smaller capacity to ensure your safety.

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5. I'm a venue/event organiser. How do I register for an event?

It’s simple!

We’ve detailed everything you need to know about registering for an event over on our Venue Registration page.

6. Where do I find out what's happening in April?

We suggest you subscribe to our VIP list to get early updates on all events and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

7. Is NFM an annual event?

2021 is Newcastle Food Month’s first year, how exciting? Our aim is to make it a permanent fixture on the City of Newcastle’s calendar as a flagship event for food lovers.

8. Do you offer discounts for concession card holders?

Great question. Chat to each individual event host directly to find out. You can find their contact details on the Event page here.

9. Does NFM cater for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility?

We strive to make NFM as accessible as possible. Each Plate Date and event host venue will be able to provide you with their accessibility details.

10. When do tickets go on sale?

Now. Don’t walk, run.

You’ll be able to find all ticketing details and dates on the Event page. You don’t need a ticket for Plate Date meals, however a booking with the restaurant may be necessary.

11. How can I get in touch with the NFM team?

Hello. Hi. Ciao. For overarching questions about NFM, drop us a line at We look forward to chatting.

For queries and questions about specific events, please contact the host venue directly.