Welcome, foodies, to the culinary extravaganza that is Newcastle Food Month! From the vibrant streets to the scenic shores of Newcastle, gastronomic delights await at every turn. Prepare to embark on a journey of taste sensations, as we approach the start of this delectable event.

Need some expert guidance for your NFM April itinerary? Turn to trusted sources like TimeOut Sydney and HUNTERHunter for a gentle nudge in the right direction and gain insightful tips on the must-attend Feature Events and Plate Date stops scheduled throughout the month. 

With their expert recommendations, you’ll be sure to make the most of your NFM experience!


Time Out Sydney’s Picks

The first stop on our culinary adventure is a sneak peek into Time Out Sydney’s top recommendations for Newcastle Food Month. According to the renowned publication, this year’s event promises to be a feast for the senses. Check out their tantalising recommendations here and here for insider tips on where to find the most mouthwatering dishes and unforgettable dining experiences.


Newcastle Herald’s Spotlight

For an insider’s perspective on Newcastle Food Month, look no further than the pages of the Newcastle Herald. Delve into their captivating coverage here and here to uncover the stories behind the festival and gain insight from local culinary experts. With exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes access, the Newcastle Herald is your go-to source for all things food month.


HUNTERHunter’s Exciting Competition

Feeling lucky and hungry? HUNTERHunter invites you to participate in our exciting competition during Newcastle Food Month, plus offers a comprehensive guide to Plate Dates, Feature Events, and our Signature Event, Le Dîner en Blanc. Explore their posts for some inspiration for our NFM festivities here and here

Head to our website to enter* for your chance to win a fabulous luxury getaway, including a two-night five-star stay at Crystalbrook Kingsley.  But that’s not all…from gourmet dining experiences at HUMBUG to delicious welcome treats from our friends at First Creek Wines and Pork Ewe Deli, this competition is sure to add an extra dash of excitement to your food month adventures. 


*Competition closes March 15, 2024 (AEDT). Terms and conditions apply.

Sydney Scoop’s Insider Insights

Looking for the inside scoop on Newcastle Food Month? Sydney Scoop has you covered. Check out their comprehensive coverage here for a glimpse into the must-see events, hidden gems, and culinary hotspots that await you in Newcastle. With their expert recommendations and insightful commentary, Sydney Scoop is your ultimate guide to making the most of this gastronomic celebration.


Not Quite Nigella

If you’re a food aficionado, then you absolutely must follow (unless you’re already a fan!) Lorraine Elliot, better known as Not Quite Nigella. Dive into her Newcastle Food Month blog where she explores some of Newcastle’s beloved venues along with some exciting newcomers. Whether you’re considering trying out these spots for the first time or simply seeking in-depth information, Not Quite Nigella’s insights are sure to satisfy your cravings!


Visiting Newcastle for NFM? 

If you’re considering a visit, mark your calendars for April – it’s the perfect time to explore all that Newcastle has to offer! The Sydney Morning Herald has compiled a comprehensive list of the must-do highlights of Newcastle, which you can explore here. From beaches to bar crawls, you’ll have plenty of things to check off on your to-do list on your stay. 


A Culinary Journey Awaits

The countdown to April 2024 is on! We can’t wait for culinary delights that await us in Newcastle. From unique, one-off dining experiences from our favourite local venues to mouth watering Plate Dates, Newcastle Food Month promises to be a feast for the senses. So gather your friends, sharpen your appetite, and prepare for a foodies month like no other. Newcastle Food Month awaits – bon appétit!